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Liberty Learning

Our Beliefs

Individualized Education/Personalized Learning

We, at Liberty Learning, believe that students learn and demonstrate their learning in very different ways, and they should progress at their own personal levels. We believe that students should be free to learn in ways that suit their individual needs and interests. Students’ unique personalities are taken into consideration when lessons are created. At Liberty Learning, our class sizes are small, allowing for regular one-on-one interactions between students and teachers, making true personalized learning possible.



We believe that learning with peers is important in building confidence and improving communication and teamwork skills as well as understanding differing perspectives. Group learning is also interactive and engaging for students, making learning fun!


Multiple Methods of Learning

We believe that students learn in a variety of ways. Students experience rich and authentic learning when they engage with information in varying ways. At Liberty Learning, we use various approaches and methods in the attempt to reach every
student regardless of learning style.


Family-Style Environment

We believe that students should learn in a comfortable and relaxed, safe environment which Liberty Learning’s home setting provides. The multi-age learning environment, teamwork activities, and small class size makes building close relationships with both peers and teachers possible, creating a family environment. Forming close relationships increases self-confidence and allows for meaningful learning experiences.   


Educational Enrichment

We believe that students should learn much more than the core subjects of Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Topics such as life skills, social-emotional learning, personal growth, faith-based instruction, communication, financial education, health, physical fitness, critical thinking, and many other topics are also necessary in K-12 education. At Liberty Learning, students will learn a variety of subjects that will help them in their everyday lives.


Active Learning

We believe that students learn best when active learning strategies are used. Students should construct their own knowledge instead of simply acquiring it. At Liberty Learning, students are involved in their learning process, asking questions, and developing their own ideas.  When students make real-world connections to the material, real learning takes place. In this environment, students not only learn the course material, but also the skills needed to become self-sufficient and lifelong learners.



We believe in maintaining regular communication with our students’ families. At Liberty Learning, we communicate with families in various ways, updating them regularly on their child’s academic growth as well as social/emotional wellbeing. We look forward to working together for the success of your child(ren).


All Students Can Succeed

We, at Liberty Learning, believe that ALL students can succeed! Students differ in their preferred methods
of learning as well as in their interests, strengths, and weaknesses. We strive to know our students and to develop and implement strategies to reach each of them. Varying learning methods creates an engaging learning
environment and helps all students to succeed.

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