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Liberty Learning Microschool

Full-time and Part-time/Hybrid Educational Support for 3rd-9th Grade Students

Now Enrolling for the 2023-24 School Year



Full-time students attend Monday-Friday, 8-4, beginning August 7th. Liberty Learning will provide the curriculum (in all subjects) and all educational activities as well as materials and meals/snacks. We offer faith-based, personalized learning in a safe, engaging, and family-style environment. 


Hybrid Homeschool

Hybrid homeschool students attend 1, 2, 3, or 4 days per week, 8-4, and have at least one weekday at home. Liberty Learning will provide the curriculum (in all subjects, or just select subjects if requested by parents/guardians), educational activities, materials, and meals/snacks on school days. Hybrid students will have the same faith-based and personalized instruction as full-time students, but they will continue their learning on their own on their “home days.”  

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